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   Nore Dragon Paddlers  -  KACC
                  Warriors of Hope





Nore Dragon Paddlers - KACC

After endless months of waiting and planning, Nore Dragon Paddlers - KACC was formed in February 2016 when Jim Croke kindly sold his 2 Dragon Boats to the Kilkenny Aqua Canoe Club for the sum of €1 each.  With a bit of TLC and some generous funding from local businesses and individual sponsors, along with the invaluable guidance and support of our fellow paddlers in Clonmel and Waterford, we finally had our maiden voyage in May 2016.  Each paddle session sees our fledgling club growing from strength to strength. 


The aims of Nore Dragon Paddlers - KACC include:
- Raising awareness for breast cancer
- Increase opportunities for physical activity and therefore improving overall health
- Enjoy mutual support from others diagnosed with breast cancer

- Team Sports - Dragon boating is a team-paddling sport on water. The boat can hold a crew of 22, including 1 helm and 1 drummer

Evidence has shown that exercise after breast cancer is not only safe, but beneficial.* Apart from the obvious weight control benefit, exercise can improve mental health, boost energy levels and promote better sleep. The specific movement of paddling a dragon boat can play an important role in preventing and/or improving lymphoedema, a chronic swelling of tissues that can occur due to breast surgery and/or radiation.

Being a member of the Nore Dragon Paddlers – KACC means you can connect with other breast cancer survivors whilst engaging in a fun, physical activity. The mix of camaraderie, fresh air, positive endorphins and the feeling of being involved in a new adventure, all lends itself to an overall “feel-good” experience.

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